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Susan Wildin, M.D.

I am a developmental pediatrician who worked in academic medicine and private practice where I counseled and coached parents in raising children with challenges. I left my medical practice to care for my son because I wanted to do one job well rather than stress myself with two essentially full time jobs.

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My Transformation

My transformation did not occur in a straight line. During my son’s infancy and early childhood, I explored multiple areas of learning, engaged in self-exploration and began to make decisions based on my values rather than habit or cultural pressures. One of the new subjects I learned about was Nonviolent (or Compassionate) Communication (NVC). As I learned this process, I found myself more and more able to act from a place of integrity with my own values and less out of anger and frustration.

I also became more able to connect with the people around me. I started applying the principles to my child rearing at a time when my son was starting to resist efforts to get him to do things that he was reluctant to do. This has taken some time and is an ongoing learning process. What I can say is that I am close to my son, I honor his needs, and I am able to get true co-operation with him through this relationship-based parenting style.

I also find more ease and connection in communicating with my husband and other family members and friends since I shifted my consciousness through learning NVC. The biggest change has been in how I feel inside – more grounded, empowered and connected to others and myself.

To learn more, I’ve been attending NVC workshops since 2007. I started sharing what I have learned in 2009. I really love sharing this process with others and I love seeing others having “aha!” moments and start their own transformations.

In 2012, I was deciding whether to go back into medicine or to pursue a career with NVC when a chance email led me to the Coaching for Transformation course, an 11 month learning experience. I rarely jump into things, but I’m happy that I did this time. I love Coaching for Transformation because it combines nonviolent communication with gold standard coaching practice for a truly powerful experience.

Now I am enjoying combining all my loves, family, NVC and coaching. I dream of a world where every person is empowered to make the choices that work for him or her and understands the underlying motivations for the choices he/she makes. I believe we can bring more peace into the world if we act from this understanding rather than “shoulds” and “have to's.” I can do my part to bring this world about by contributing to transformation in clients and workshop participants.

My Interests

I love to help people find and realize their dreams. Perhaps there is a feeling that something is missing in life or there are dreams deferred. I also enjoy helping with life transitions - for example: career change, post-divorce, empty nest, coming out, and post-incarceration. I'm rewarded by helping parents, parents of children with disabilities, medical professionals, adults with disabilities, and anyone who is just longing for something more.

This is what brings me alive. What brings you alive?

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