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In coaching, my job is to help you reach a point of empowerment where you can use your own resources and find the solutions that work for you. Your job is to bring your whole self to the sessions, be willing to take chances, and be honest with yourself and me.

I will work along with you to consciously live the life you want to live. We can work with whatever is alive for you or set a specific agenda.

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My role is to be in a relationship with you, to witness your journey, to help you focus, cheer you on, help you move when feeling stuck; to challenge you when you feel discouraged as we co-create the change you want to see. Together we will explore your inner landscape finding the values and resources on which your dreams can be built.

I will hold the thoughts and feelings you share with care, respect and confidentiality.

My coaching services are not geographically limited. Coaching will generally happen by phone or Skype, so you don't have to go anywhere to connect with me. I've coached people half a world away. Coaching will take place in English, so proficiency in this language is important.

Clients' needs vary. I usually start with three months of weekly sessions of 45 minutes duration. If this doesn't work for you, I am open to discussing your needs and finding a way to make the coaching work for both of us. I offer a complementary session to those requesting it for you to experience my coaching before you commit to it.

Contact me to learn more or to get started by scheduling a complementary coaching session.

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