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"It has been very valuable for me to work with Susan - at a time - when I really wanted to get a change in my life, but I couldn't get the change to happen by myself. I had time after time felt discouraged about trying to change. With the help from Susan I could step-by-step get the changes to happen and get a more positive attitude to work and private life. After two months work I felt I was in the driving seat of my own life - I could also see that I inspire others with my energy. I appreciate Susans directness and alertness - when working with me.
I have a lot of appreciation working with you! You are very alert and direct and that suits me very well.......!"

--- G in Sweden, coached by Susan in 2012.

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"I've have the fortunate opportunity to study Nonviolent Communication with Susan Wildin both individually as well as in larger, community workshops. Susan is passionate about and dedicated to working with people. She has given generously of her time to her church, budding NVC students and to the growing Houston NVC community. In my personal interactions with Susan, I found her indeed be a person of high integrity, honest sincerity and heartfelt compassion. Her workshops are well organized. She presents new information clearly and in ways that are easy to follow, encouraging group connection and building a sense of community among participants. Susan is skilled at providing exercises in both individual as well as group settings that reinforce the concepts she's presenting. Her exercises helped me to not only understand the new concepts, but to also apply them to practical and personal situations. When answering questions, Susan is patient and always willing go the extra mile to insure I was clear with the answer. I fully believe that Susan is a gift to the Houston NVC community and we are very lucky to have her sharing her talents and time with us.

--- Suzanne King, Mother Hen and Roving Story-Teller, My Chicken Diaries and Budding NVC Student

"...After demurring on the question of a miracle, I started to use some [NVC] techniques of empathetic listening that Susan had taught me. I really don’t remember how it started, to be honest. I think I was feeling fairly ineffectual with my standard, logical but non-directive approach, and thought, well, I’ll try this. It’s unlikely to do any harm. ...I was really surprised by how easily an impasse that had dogged the ward team for weeks became a superhighway through the empathetic listening process. While I might have anticipated that some other interpersonal issue had hijacked the family's’ focus, I wasn’t prepared for the enormity of the elephant in the corner. Fortunately, the empathetic listening process let me “ride rather than guide” the flood of emotions and information that ensued. Boy was I relieved. I also had not expected the catharsis to transform the family's decision making process so readily, but it did. And everybody got something positive out of it. I doubt all such situations resolve themselves so magically, but this encounter caused me to give dedicated space to empathetic listening in my crowded “doctor’s bag” of tools, and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to use it."

--- Dr. Bob Wildin, coached by Susan in 2012-13, about a medical dilemma. (full disclosure: Bob is Susan's brother)

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"I am so grateful for my sessions with Susan. She helped me rediscover and awaken my true self by using her impeccable talent for empathic listening. Before speaking with Susan, I did not consider myself a resource for self-empathy and often looked to others for healing or blamed myself for being too something or not enough of something else. Susan's years of experience in studying and applying NVC were evident in how she led me to discover the underlying needs behind every feeling, action, reaction, judgement, and insecurity we explored together. These sessions were mini journeys to the core of my soul that I will not soon forget. And, each session seemed to plant a tiny seed in a garden that I now feel so empowered to care for."

--- C.F., coached by Susan in 2013.

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