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I offer workshops in a group setting.

Workshops are based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. NVC is also known as Compassionate Communication.

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I lead scheduled workshops open to all. Current workshops-descriptions and registration:

Workshop topics include:

  • Live your Authentic Life
    Learn how to find and follow your values. Live in a sense of choice and empowerment and connect with yourself for awareness and peace. [2-5 hours]
  • Speaking Peace
    Learn the basic concepts of NVC. [2-8 hours]
  • Parenting from the Heart
    Learn to deepen your connection with your children. Learn to get cooperation and learning from your children without using punishment, reward, guilt, shame, or coercion. [14-20 hours in 3-6 sessions]
  • Living Peace
    Learn to deepen your connection with self and others using NVC and related tools. [15-20 hours]

You can also request a workshop for your group or arrange custom workshops. Just explain your needs and requests on the contact form.

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